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EMS vehicles


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We roll in CitiMedic mods from Wheeled Coach. Medic 31 is a Ford E350 Medic 32 and 33 are Chevys. All type 3s.

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Great topic I always enjoy seeing what's on the other side of the fence, or ocean, whichever the case may be... Here is a recent remount, we moved from Ford 450 Super duty type 1 to Check 4500 type 3s - a marvelous change. We doubled fuel economy and got rid of those blasted air-ride systems. We also dropped our maintenance budget and out of service times dramatically. be6yjavy.jpga3uveqyn.jpg And finally, my ride (2011 Chevy 2500HD 4x4): a5ybequn.jpg Please, everyone, keep posting your pictures! Thanks, MMan Sent from my thing...

Just to note, we are in North Florida. The coastal County just south of Tallahassee Sent from my thing...

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Don't have pictures but this is what we got:

Service A - Private Rural Service

2012 Chevy 4500 Lifeline Type III

2009 Ford E-450 Medtec Type III

Service B - Hospital Based Service

2012 Chevy 3500 Medtec Type III

2008 Chevy 3500 AEV Type II

2002 Ford E-350 Lifeline Type III

Service C - Fixed Wing Service

Cessna 402

Cessna Citation I

Cessna Citation SII

LearJet 35A

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No pics but...

Majority of our units are dodge truck cab boxes, and a few Chevy vans. We also have 2 quad cab dodges 1 is used for BLS NET for Bari unit the other is used by ALS 911/CCT crew. We have a few older Chevy boxes getting phased out and I think the last ford went away around the time I started.

Service I was at before flipped almost overnight from a fleet of ford vans & boxes to all Mercedes sprinters (except a limited number of fords kept for CCT & Bari)

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Here's a good one that is not very common in the US.

We recently modified the windscreen to clearly show its an EMS Motor.Westport MRU1.jpgWestport MRU3.jpgWestport MRU2.jpgWestport MRU3.jpg


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