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So first off Welcome.

Secondly could you please upload a selfie or 2? (This is just standard EMTCity ettiquite)

Thirdly: Maybe you need a third belt to hold up your other 2 belts?

OK seriously........ If you put a small carabiner on one of your beltloops with some grippy tape on it, it will provide traction to your leather bet and prevent said mishap. Also the carabiner comes in handy often.

A selfie? Seriously? I have been on this forum for a while and have never had a selfie nor heard it mentioned to me or any of the other numerous members who choose not to have an avatar. What someone looks like is not a concern to me. I care more about the content of what you say.

I understand the user wanting a duty belt. I used one from time to time as well as when I was a LEO. Give her a break, a radio, pager, cellphone, shears, whatever.... I aways carried a small light and at times pepper spray....

I appreciated being able to drop the duty belt and gear in one motion while in quarters or coming on of going off duty. You might want look into the Velcro lined duty belt that mates to a uniform pants belt that has the matching Velcro on it. Then, no more keepers or chasing the end of your uniform belt when you drop your keepers to shed the duty belt.

I used a duty belt when I was a LEO as well. Big difference between being a LEO and being in EMS. I would be curious as to what their actual job is. I always have my suspicions on boards like this about the "whackers".

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Maybe you need to switch to a vest.

We had some mysteriously arrive a few months ago, and all the cool kids are wearing them now. Even the logistics guys that never run a call. :lol:

Seriously though. Take an inventory of what you are carrying. Keep track of how often you use it, and dump the stuff you don't. I just keep a small butt pack in the squad with the stuff that I "may" need on rare occasions. ;)

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