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Dizziness/nausea post being backboarded

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Wouldn't that be a good case for your Harrier? With VTOL capabilities, you could get almost anywhere. Imagine the looks on the firemonkeys faces when they see you drop down at the LZ in a jet and not a helicopter.

Well we have determined that there are definite issues involved in using the Harrier for EMS Evac. It seems that the envy of the fire department in my having this for just such an occasion has prompted many fire departments to apply for the HAEMSEG grant program (Harrier Advanced EMS EVAC grant) which is a very very little known federal grant program. It has been hampered by many government regulations and also was furloughed for 13 days in October so rest assured, the grant money is out there,but due to sequestration, it's not available right now.

So long story short, I'm not comfortable using my harrier because of the envy that the fire departments have towards my Harrier. I only use it right now for personal, off duty stop on the side of the road EMS scenes. If it was an expectation that they would get the Harrier, then the envy would be gone.

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But I heard they were looking to apply that grant to an Osprey since it's bigger than what their neighboring dept has.

Good God man, have you seen the safety records of those Ospreys, it's harrier or nothing

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When i was doing your wife she seemed to like the big toys :D

This is why I like having oral ondansetron; means that we have anti emetic at all levels.

Kiwi you funny little bird have you not learned anything, Bigger is not always better. And if it isn't big that's what batteries are for :)

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It sure sounds like motion sickness to me. Probably caused by the movement & positioning of the patient. I always liked to premedicate my patients with either IM or IV Benadryl or Phenergan. That way there is no messes to clean up!

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