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Haida protect fragile coast

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This year has been a very special year for us Haida Gwaii Islander. Many years ago there was a stand off between loggers and the Haida's. I remember seeing the news article's (I did not live here when the stand off was happening). The result of the stand off created a beautiful national park named Gwaii Haanas. I have been through the park twice and each time saw things differently. In Windy Bay Aug 15th the Haida raised a new pole called the Legacy Pole. It is amazing to watch a pole being raised (I missed this one) and the whole community participates. There is always a feast after with lots of entertainment. Global BC did a story of Haida Gwaii and I thought I would share.


The video that shows the crab in the dip net is where I quad with my Dobie in the summer. I know that this video is about Endbridge in general but It does show some scenery etc.

The first video is of the pole raising

The slide show has some nice pics of the pole along with the reporter and camera man in Skedan's (indian village) This is the village that Emily Carr painted some of her most famous paintings.

Enjoy :) Happy

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