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Instructors Please help !

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One other thought is for you to get those pre-requsites done, get your AEMT class under your belt if you can take it prior to when the medic class starts and also make some money by working to save up some cash for during class needs. Then when you are in class you will be the one the other students come to since you already know that stuff that they don't.

If you are single think of the chicks you might just meet. ha ha that's how I met one of my girlfriends - I had sat through a EMT class before I took my first emt class.


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First and foremost Illinois is not a Registry state so they most likely won't have a AEMT course. They do however have EMT-B, EMT-I and EMT-P courses. Very few of their programs will allow you to take the NREMT Exam since they are not accredited.

The EMT-B in Illinois varies a lot from one system to the next. Some allow EMT-B's to given SL Nitro, Albuterol, Glucagon and get this intubate pt's! But yet they can't acquire a 12-lead or start an IV.

I would really think about going to another State if at all possible to get a better program that will allow you to take the NREMT exam.

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