How old are your ears?

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Yah, I talked to the insurance gods at the good ole university people and she said as long as it's prescribed by a university approved doctor or audiologist its pretty unlimited. Now do I get bluetooth or not?

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I know a guy who needs two hearing aids. The ones he wears are pretty feature heavy. He can change the volume with a remote he keeps in his pocket. He can change the focus of where the pieces pick up sound depending if the source is in front of him or behind him. He can mute them. They're wirelessly tied together so that he hears in stereo (or surround sound depending on what's going on). They have a feature where if he's in a crowded area like a restaurant he can block out the background noise. He said they're better than his own ears before the hearing loss.

When I see him next I'll ask about details. Or at the very least when you go in you have an idea of what some of them can do.

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