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Toronto Fire Fighters want to get rid of EMS

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"when the reality is that what patients need are more paramedics and more ambulances to appropriately facilitate appropriate response in a timely fashion" and I think that is the most important part of the whole issue. Who cares if a FF can give someone oxygen? It's useless without being able to transfer the pt to the hospital. The FFs even state what the problem is when they argue about this, "We can get there before the ambulance." That is where their logic falls apart. If the problem is that there is not enough ambulances on the road then the solution is NOT to add more FFs who cannot transport or PROPERLY treat the pt. The solution is to add more ambulances which can properly treat and transport the pt (you know, those silly little things that the pt actually needs).

EDIT: Did anyone pick up the hero complex by a FF in the comments about how they gallantly run into burning buildings with their long, blonde hair flowing behind them (think Fabio) while the fat ass, lazy paramedics sit on the street smoking pot and drinking whiskey (yeah, I over dramatized it but that seems to be the way you are supposed to argue these things)?

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Part of the problems are that the ambulance crews get tied up in the ER's waiting for a bed and a nurse to turn their patients over to. Yes they need more ambulances per shift , but then those additional crews will be sitting in the waiting Que at the ER's with long offload delays.. Still have the same problems getting trucks to the pt's in a timely manner.

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You can't keep throwing money or ambulances at the problem without addressing the underlying problems. Too many patients, not enough ambulances, long wait times to drop off patients or get them in a bed.

It's like the definition of insanity - to keep doign the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. You just can't keep adding more and more ambulances to the mix because the ER's are already overtaxed and the crews are stuck in the ER waiting for an open bed.

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