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TALIHINA, Okla. another medical helicopter goes down

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TALIHINA, Okla. -- One patient was killed and three others were injured in a helicopter crash Tuesdsay at a hospital near the LeFlore and Latimer county lines Tuesday.

Brandy Griffin, public information officer for Choctaw Nation Health Services, said the helicopter crashed at approximately 6:30 p.m. after departing Choctaw Nation Health Care Center in Talihina.

"It crashed in our back parking lot area," Griffin said. "There were four on board."

Griffin said she did not have available the names or ages of the patient killed or the three injured, one of whom was critically injured.

"We have health care personnel who were on scene and able to provide care and triage for the patients," Griffin said the cause of the crash is not known. Both LeFlore and Latimer county sheriff's offices dispatched deputies to the scene.

This is occurring far too often this year.

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Flown by EagleMed. Second chopper in 4 months (in Oklahoma), third aircraft (at least) in 3 years.

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What the hell is going on this year. We are on track to break the heartbreaking record of 2008.

Something has to give and maybe we need to re-evaluate whether air transport is really all that necessary.

I used to want to fly. Well not anymore. I used to believe that flying patients to definitive care was the most judicious way to the best treatment but not anymore. More and more its proving that air transport is beneficial for just a small portion of those who are flown.

Does there need to be a moratorium on air transport until we get a handle on why these crashes are occurring? Only the FAA Can do this and maybe they should. Too many of our friends and loved ones(patients) are dying and to me air transport is not truly proving it's ROI.

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