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the 9 things you never say to a patient


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What do we do with the extra parts?

You mean you meant to do this?

Wow, look at how those bugs run away in the light!!!

"I don't think he's going to make it" overheard by a critical conscious patient

What the hell, did you see what just came out of that wound, it had to be 4 inches long.

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Oh sh...t, here we go again! (As they come out of one seizure and into another)

From personal experience being the one on the stretcher; they may near you and completely freak!

I have heard a few other things as I was a frequent flyer; but let's not go there. I have a history of seizures and now I'm back in school as an EMT student and a nursing student.

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Can we get this over with, I was trying to watch some porn

Let's call the fire department - they aren't doing anything but watching tv

Can I post this to my facebook account?

Damn, this is going to light up the twitterverse

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In a disgusted tone, What is your frequent flier level now?

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