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Boston Marathon Bombing Discussion

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I did take a look at the injury photos, and I was rather shaken. I've seen just about every injury that a human being can suffer at one point or another. I've even had bilateral above the knee amputation victims, but this was something else. But the worst of it, by far, was the reports of the children's injuries, in addition to the death. Pediatrics and traumatic amputations are two terms that should never go together. I'm speculating, but with what's come out about the crudeness of the devices, flash powder, pressure cookers, and timers, anyone could have built this, and I mean anyone.

In the end, this could have been the handiwork of nothing more than a stupid teenager who watched one too many Youtube videos. It would explain why there was no 'chatter' before the event and, most interestingly, no one came forward afterward, I can completely see it being some 16 year old with problems at home who didn't grasp what this actually was going to do. Sure, it could be real international or domestic political terrorism, but, I'm just saying this wasn't C4 or even HMTD or something even rigged to a cell phone. This was less than amateur. Anyone, and I mean anyone, could have pulled this off.

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Anyone follow the Boston EMS twitter feed? The oldest post is at the bottom. CNN interviewed the two EMTs who were posted at the finish line.

Ready for a patient just past the Finish Line pic.twitter.com/XhGD0bVsgf

This photo was taken about an hour before the bombs went off.


Boston EMS @BOSTON_EMS 23m

EMT Stearns: "you like working the marathon. It's a celebration in the city"

  1. EMT Horne: "I remember hearing on the radio 'Hold your positions,' but we didn't do that. There was no way."

  2. Boston EMS @BOSTON_EMS 31m

    CNN: "Did you guys hesitate at all?" "No. When we heard it on the radio, we were half way there."

  3. Boston EMS @BOSTON_EMS 32m

    EMTs Stearns and Horne were in golfcart one block away when blasts occurred.

  4. Boston EMS @BOSTON_EMS 34m

    EMT Horne: Finding out the patients we helped are still alive was a great feeling, and it helps

  5. Boston EMS @BOSTON_EMS 39m

    Dep. Bosse: it didn't hit us until later what we had really been through.

  6. Boston EMS @BOSTON_EMS 43m

    EMT Holgate was four storefronts down from the first blast. He and his partner ran toward it

  7. Boston EMS @BOSTON_EMS 44m

    EMT Horne treated a patient at the scene that was the same age as her son.

  8. Boston EMS @BOSTON_EMS 48m

    Staff were ordered to leave by police due to the possibility of more devices in the area. Staff didn't leave until last patient left

  1. Boston EMS @BOSTON_EMS 50m

    EMT Rob Stearns: "it was surprising how many people stayed, how many people stayed and helped"

  2. Boston EMS @BOSTON_EMS 59m

    @Boston_EMS's Deputy Sup. Bosse: "it was the city's worst day and the department's finest day"

  3. Boston EMS @BOSTON_EMS 1h

    Staff are being interviewed by CNN about their experiences Monday. "Can anything prepare you for this?" "Not really."

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I'm still perplexed. If I recall, there were 2 unexploded devices but the video images only indicate the boys carrying one bag each. That means there must be someone else involved, doesn't it?

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