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Boston Marathon Bombing Discussion

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Some of you may know Elvis medic from another website. He was there on duty working. He's been heard from & is OK.

Prayers go out to all those involved and will wait for further news before saying anything else.

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The french emergency medical services send their thoughts and prayers for all people involved, shocked, hurt, killed and all those who fought to save lives and relieve the wounded.

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Seeing the pictures made me really cringe. I wish I could have been there to help. From an EMS response standpoint, here are my thoughts:

- The prevalence of lower limb injuries is interesting. This could just be by placement, but it may have been by design as well.

- I'd really like to see the PTT/INR stats on some of the victims. Bad guys have been known to pack the shrapnel with warfarin containing pesticide to increase mortality rates.

- Hats off to Boston EMS. Wow. Great job. The response will become required MCI reading in the future.

- This is the MCI eventuality that a lot of us have trained for and hope would never happen. I hope that it will reinforce the importance of training, preparedness, and preplanning.

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My son turned 18 yesterday and this kinda ruined his day, however, he's also interested in medicine, so had an interest in seeing the pictures. He showed me one of a man in a wheelchair with his legs blown off below the knees and all I told him is that I really don't want to see that stuff. One day I may have a professional interest, but I can't detach myself emotionally when I look at things like that so soon after the event. If I were a responder there it would be a different story, I'd have a job to do that needs to get done, but when I'm not professionally involved, I just can't.


Thanks for the update on Elvis Ed.

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