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According to the review that was made by someone that actually purchased the "book" and basically said it was junk written by a person that who no right writing such a book, it would be a good idea to take down the links so other people don't waste money.

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Ok, I was able to get a reviewers copy from a friend in PDF format. Justin's review was spot on but I have more to say on the matter.

Here is my review to Amazon.com

I too obtained this book and am at a loss for words. The brevity or let's say lack of brevity of content that you provide for the money is lacking and I'm very worried that someone will take this book and use it when they need professional training the most.
A course on Behavioral first aid should not be 20 pages long and be able to be read in less than 20 minutes. It should also not be filled with spelling and grammatical errors.
The tips that you give are laughable at best and dangerous at worst.
You came on the EMTCity.com website and broke the terms of conduct rules regarding advertising as well.
For those in the EMS profession that are looking for a book on behavioral emergencies and how to deal with them should stay Far and away clear of this book.
A better book would be one that I have in my library called "When Violence Erupts - A survival guide for First Responders" which you can purchase right here on Amazon from this link
This book cost 33 dollars which is more than Stevies book but you will be Well served by going with any book other than the one being reviewed. The life you save by not reading Mr. Stevensons book might just be your own or your partners.
Mr. Stevenson,if you are to read this review, I strongly urge you to take your book off the Amazon market, the Barnes and Noble Market and the Lulu.com market. You are truly doing more harm than good.
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Hey guys and girls I advocated and pushed for mandatory education and training for EMT in crisis intervention.

I wrote a resource guide for EMS Professionals

The EMS Professional Rescuers Guide to Behavioral First Aide

My hopes is many EMT and EMS pros can reduce injury and risk when dealing with hostile or a patient exhibiting crisis behavior.

The crisis is never about the behavior. It's available in several electronic formats.

barnes and Noble Nook > ( EMS Crisis Response Team Training Guide )

Amazon Nook > ( EMS Crisi Response Team Training Guide )

And for home computer PDF format.. on Lulu.com > ( EMS Crisis Response Team Training Guide )

Please take a few moments and read the education material its a proven process that deescalates hostile patients.

Sorry, I am not buying this material and I feel it is a waste of time. Way back when I was a police officer we spent 40 hours of training in the police academy on crisis management and deescalation. A 12 page booklet isn't going to provide any substantial info.

You have brought up a very serious topic. Instructors and authors of bona fide training programs have lawyers review the material to make sure it is legal, practical, and within the scope of the job. Additionally, this is a skill that needs to be practiced and constantly trained on.

While I am sure you cover some common sense points, it is doubtful that your "book" has any research to back it up. The training program I went through was taught by an instructor with a Phd in Psychology with an emphasis on criminal psychology. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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