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Hey guys and girls I advocated and pushed for mandatory education and training for EMT in crisis intervention.

I wrote a resource guide for EMS Professionals

The EMS Professional Rescuers Guide to Behavioral First Aide

My hopes is many EMT and EMS pros can reduce injury and risk when dealing with hostile or a patient exhibiting crisis behavior.

The crisis is never about the behavior. It's available in several electronic formats.

barnes and Noble Nook > ( EMS Crisis Response Team Training Guide )

Amazon Nook > ( EMS Crisi Response Team Training Guide )

And for home computer PDF format.. on Lulu.com > ( EMS Crisis Response Team Training Guide )

Please take a few moments and read the education material its a proven process that deescalates hostile patients.

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How can I read the material and comment on it if I have to pay for it first.

Nice advertisement for the book, but I don't think that is allowed here.

I also question your assertion that your book is a proven process that deescalates hostile patients which I cannot agree with or disagree with because I have to purchase the book prior to making a informed decision.

You might want to contact Admin or Dwayne to discuss how you can advertise this product without breaking the terms of conduct you agreed to when you signed on to with your membership.

This is the rule I was referring to

10. You agree not to post any type of commercial solicitation or advertising without the prior consent of the Webmaster or Administrator of EMT City. Anything that appears to be advertising or solicitation will be removed immediately; this includes the promotion of other websites or forums. This does not apply to legitimate discussion of news or information regarding EMS products or services.

I assume that you didn't get the permission of the ADMIN to post what you posted.

Not trying to bust your balls or anything like this but I'd hate for you to get dinged or in any trouble with this being one of your first posts or your first post.

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See this is why i did not purchase the book because I was afraid of finding what my good friend Biebs found. I was very skeptical when i read on the Amazon site that this book was 20 pages or so long which to me was wayyyyyy to short to teach a crisis type intervention topic of any kind.

I would still like to know what your credentials are amd what qualified you to teach this type of material let alone publish it and say you have the cred to do so.

We are a suspicious bunch here at the city and I jumped on this very early and I guess my suspicions were well founded unless you can come back and alleviate my and most everyone elses skepticism and doubt.

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According to Lulu.com, this Steve has also written PDF books on Workplace Motivation, Binary options, and How to settle your own IRS Tax Debt Guide......

I read the first six pages free on Lulu and must say, the spelling errors and the use of the wrong words for the context didn't give me confidence....

I would think if the writer was truly wanting to help, he would request to add it to the download page rather than make a few bucks underhandedly.....

I think I'll stick with using restraints when needed for my hostile patients, I don't usually have the luxury of standing around on scene analyzing my thoughts when faced with an "escalating" situation.....

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I think you guys are wasting your keystrokes. He left he his advertisement and will probably not be back. Great review Bieber. Hopefully you have saved a few people here their six bucks that can be better spent on EMT sticker from Galls.com for their POVs.

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Thanks for the review Bieber! From the thread title I expected something entirely different; so on that vein, anyone work in an area that has a specialized resource to respond to mental health in the community during crisis? Not necessarily EMS based.

Here we have (or had, I haven't seen them in months) a team through the Police. A single plain clothes officer and a mental health worker (I don't know their individual credentials) respond in an unmarked Police car to crisis calls. The mental health worker takes the lead, but the officer is there to step in and if warranted provide the legal muscle to detain the patient under the Mental Health Act. They respond concurrently with a usual Paramedic/Police response, but will generally take over the call when they arrive. I've had great success with them taking patients off my hands who they've built a rapport with and who have consented to treatment (they transport). I've also had them detain and transport some MHA-holds but without the escalation to the patient that a marked police car or Ambulance seems to cause. I've also seen them work with patients, clear us from the scene and then clear with that patient referred for follow-up mental health care. Great resource I just wish they were 24/7 and across the entire region I work.

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