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Good Samaritan's car destroyed

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Holy overboard stupidity Batman!! I have to give this woman credit. I would be pissed and looking for heads.

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I would be pissed...They walked to the good samaritans car, sat in it to stay warm and a medic came and instructed the car cut apart?!

I have extricated patients without cutting a single thing on the car...only reason to cut is if the doors are jammed and there's significant damage...

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Do you think it's too late to get "I am a good samaritan, but a fire/rescue company takes off my roof to get someone out." coverage? Or has that hidden coverage been terminated due to the news?

I have seen where a firefighter tore out almost every window in a house for a oven stove fire. He got away with it because "at the best of his knowledge" he had to ventilate the house because "there was quite a bit of smoke". It was a good three story house. - Your grade A Delaware firefighters. Though not all of them are terrible, I like most. But I think the one just liked breaking windows; it was a very large home as well.

I'll second Arctickat's $500.00 and apology for the woman, even if she had the car fixed.

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They spent two hours trying to remove these two patients from the car? Two hours???? Seriously?

That can't be right.

Kat's right, too. The people at fault have done nothing by this to make it right. Vauxhall is cashing in on a PR opportunity.

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Even in wrecks where the patient has been dead for a while and is impaled by, wrapped within and general squished by metal within the car; it doesn't take us 2 hrs to remove them.

Perhaps they didn't have the right equipment, but still they were already walking. It's not like they sat in the car and became paralyzed.

There isn't any fixing to that.. It's done been totaled. There is just no reason under the sun to do that, none whatsoever. Nothing that anyone could say would make it justifiable. I'm just flabbergasted by the degree of ignorance, it has got to be the most asinine story I've ever seen in my entire life. There is not one person on that crew that is innocent. They all look like complete douche bags. In fact, they should all be required to fully retrain for vehicle rescue.

Every time I see that picture, I become so disgusted that I get a headache. It seriously just blows my mind.

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Short backboard, Kendrix Extrication Device, Iron Duck Extrication Appliance, or some other manufacturer's device, to long backboard (or in some areas protocols, a "scoop"), to streacher. No Jaws, K12, or cutting impliments, even if a patient already noted to be ambulatory, seated in another vehicle in no way involved in the initial collision, starts complaining of neck and/or back pain, is indicated.

WTF, were the crews trying out new impliments of destruction ("playing" with their new toys)?

The way I've been taught, and continue, is extrication means removing the patient from the vehicle,entrapment means removing the vehicle from the patient. Most here have heard the "blond joke" about the blond lady calls the locksmith because she locked herself out of her convertible car, keys in the ignition...with the roof down.

Hearing of these actions just gave me a stomach ache.

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What I really wonder is what tool was used to cut the car. Look at that C-post. No jagged edge from a reciprocating saw, no friction burns from a circular saw, no crushing from scissor cutters......I'm perplexed because that is a really nice cut.


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