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What kind of stethoscope do you prefer?

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Where's the best place to buy a stethoscope - where can you get the best price & selections ?

I assume on-line, but what site ?

Also, where would you go (on-line) to get the best selections/prices for other EMT gear ?



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Littmann Cardiology III. The acoustics are outstanding. I like having both the adult and peds diaphragms on the same scope. It's durable. It's flexible enough to stuff in a pocket. Did I mention the acoustics? Outstanding.

Here's one I didn't like (and I really, really wanted to like it): DRG Cardiology TiLite. You know, the $200 job that was engineered by Bose. It has the gel filled ear buds, the springs in the lumens, and the antimicrobal diaphragms. It was quiet. The noise reduction stuff worked...but...I didn't think the acoustics were all that great. I thought the Littmann Cardiology scope was better (louder). Plus with those springs in the tubing, it wasn't very flexible, and that annoyed me. You couldn't just stuff it into a pocket. It was also considerably heavier than the Littmann Cardiology III (and the TiLite..titanium light...is the lightest cardiology scope DRG offers!).

You can find good deals on ebay if you look and aren't in a hurry. As for online shops, I've purchased from allheart.com and have been impressed with their service and prices.

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OK i guess I'm the only one here who will say this. The stethoscope brand really does not matter to me. I fell as long as it works I'll use it. The reason that i feel like that is i don't want to get a expensive scope just to lose it. Therefore the cheaper ones are fine with me as long as they work.

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