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What kind of stethoscope do you prefer?

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Your standard navy blue Littmann Classic II S.E. I find the ADC ones, you know, the ones that come with the BP kit, to be of poor quality, and the Spragues excessively heavy. The Cardiology ones are pretty heavy as well, inconvenient for someone like me who likes his scope around his neck. The Classic II is heavy compared to the lightweights, but I like having the peds chestpiece in addition to the adult. So the Classic II is just perfect :D

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I have a nice purple Littmann Classic II S.E. Purple because it my favorite color, and it different enough from everyone else. My mom gave me a sprague that sits in the trunk of my car.

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1. Blue ADC Cardiology

2. Red 16" Sprague-Rappaport Type Professional Scope

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