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NREMT-P Recertification Examination - How do you renew?

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I hate keeping up with CEs. I am a full-time senior at a large university majoring in a non-medical area of study. I also work full-time as a paramedic in a non-EMS role now.

I just don't understand why so many people struggle with the NREMT exam to begin with. I just renewed my paramedic certification for the third time by taking the NREMT-P exam.

I believe it's a relatively painless and more efficient method of renewal. One must simply keep their AHA cards up to date (you should be doing this anyway), pay $110 to retest, print your abbreviated renewal form, and have your "medical director" sign it - that's it. For the past two paramedic recert exams, I spent no more than 10 minutes "prepping" for the test, and have never been required to answer more than ~70-80 questions during the test. It takes about 35 minutes of my time, far less time than completing CE classes - since only 12 applicable credit-hours transfer for 12 clock-hours of CE. And, depending on your employer - renewal by exam may be a cheaper method to stay current with NREMT.

Likewise, the test itself is ridiculously easy. The questions are short & direct. I'm certainly not the best test-taker, and though I've heard about someone knows someone who finally passed it on their 6th attempt yet "they're the best medic I've ever known" countless times, I can't help but be a skeptic. I guess I just don't understand why people struggle so much with the exam.

Does anyone else here choose to renew by NREMT reexamination?

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We all excel and struggle in different areas. Test anxiety can also be an issue. This will become quite obvious when you find yourself struggling at something when others appear to breeze right through it. They may not understand why you are struggling with said task. Additionally, CE may be a better option for people who have to look at a significant commute or taking days off to go and test. This is especially true if their employer provides CE or they struggle at test taking.

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I guess I just don't understand why people struggle so much with the exam.

I guess I just don't understand why people struggle so much with the idea that what works best for them might not the same thing that works best for someone else.

There are many things that must be taken into consideration when any individual decides to do, or not do, something. CHBARE outlined some of those considerations. There are others that vary from person to person.

Glad to hear the test works well for you. Please keep an open mind about how others approach their recertification.

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I just wanted to know, is if recertification exam is just like the same exam you would receive when you get your initial certification.  I want to recertify by exam this year.  I just want to know what I should go over to be prepared.


I took my initial exam in 2001, and wondering if there is anything different that may help me out.


Thank youj

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