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Our old one is a Ford, very reliable. Quite old.

What I love about our new one as opposed to the one traded in or the older one, is it is as quite as a Lincoln Town Car.

I can hear everything going on while I am driving.

All functions are on touch screens, with manual override capabilities. I have a built in GPS right up front.

I've had good luck with them so far, we're on our third. One needed the engine replaced, but it was under warranty, fortunately. I'm considering a truck chassis for the remount though, our current ones are all vans.

The Vans, AWD?

Oh my goodness, I do not believe our old one is a Ford. I rarely drive it and never paid attention!!! Plus I am a girl and don't know my vehicles without looking at back of them.

The left one is the one we kept. The one to the right we traded in


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Ive been reading posts here for quite awhile. I joined out local ambulance team back in August, Started classes in September. I responded as a student as much as I could and very quickly learned t

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Hey! Welcome to the forums.... We sometimes bash on hosemonkeys, but as far as EMTs, until they start the "Paramedics save lives, EMTs save paramedics" nonsense, they're pretty safe.... :-)

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I have only been driving a few months and learned to love the AWD, first snow of the year, it was very nice. We do have it in both of ours.

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Watch out getting a 4X4 ambulance, the ford fronts have poor turning radius with a live front axle. Sadly Chevy had a great 3500 4X4 front end but for some reason they stopped making it. Also if you put on allot of mileage your going to have problems with a 4X4.

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