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Hey guys, prospective EMT-B student here, starting classes in January. Maybe its pure curiosity, or boredom (or insomnia), but I'd be rather interested in hearing about some of your most memorable EMS experiences, if you'd care to share. If you don't feel comfortable sharing, I definitely understand, but if you do, share away! Any interesting, unusual, or just particularly memorable stories will do. Who knows, maybe we'll all even learn something. Share away!

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You're new. You're young. You're easily excitable. It's understandable you'd ask.

If you read through the forums you'll get a good idea at some people's excitement on the job. Sometimes they present as case studies or scenarios. Other times they'll present as discussions trying to understand what happened.

You have no way to fully know this yet, but this job isn't really a lot of excitement. It's a lot of hand holding, comforting and compassion. Very little of those three are actually taught in an EMT class. Sure, things can get exciting and there are moments to get your adrenaline up. But really, those aren't always the best kinds of calls.

Also, we have had, on occasion, people come here looking for us to share our stories so they can write books, news reports/articles, develop foundations for lawsuits. Essentially these people were trying to profit of our backs. Even though you said you were 16 and taking an EMT class, you'll forgive us if some of us are a little wary of such open and enthusiastic interest in our experiences. It is the internet, afterall. One can't always believe everything s/he reads.

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Oh man, I'm sorry. I didn't even consider that some people might want to take advantage of the people on this site. I guess I'm just excited to start learning and really helping people, and a month seems a long time to wait, if you know how I feel.

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EDIT: This story is not very exciting but was unique enough to where I remember it. At the time I thought it was hilarious It is probably one of those "You would have to be there" stories.

One time we were transporting a term pregnant woman with pre-eclampsia on a transfer. She had a mag sulfate drip and after a 45 transport her BP was down about 20 mmHg and the hospitals did not want to take her because she was an out of state transfer (the joy of socialized healthcare systems).

Each hospital would check her, declare she was stable for transport and have us take her away. We are on approach to the last hospital, which is a nightmare, almost entirely run by med students, and always backed up. The advantage is that they will take anyone. I tell the patient that when Dooguie Houser comes out to see her and ask if she has a headache, ringing in her ears, swelling in her extremities or sees spots in her field of vision she should answer yes.

We wait in the hall for about 40 minutes and I finally grab a guy in a lab coat that looks like he is 12 and ask him to check out our patient so we can go back into service.

The Med student walks up to the lady an says, "Pre-eclampsia eh, do you have a headache" The patient answers "What, my ears are ringing and I almost cant see my swollen hands from the spots in my vision" My patient learned too well.

Your homework is to look up the pre-eclampsia, its causes, symptoms and treatment. Investigate the difference between pre-eclampsia and eclampsia.

If you come back with the answers we might be able to provide another story. :punk:

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