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Firefighters shot and killed battling blaze in NY

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If you consider the gunman blowing his brains out justice, then yes, brought to justice. I see it however, as a shame that he killed himself. I'd much rather have heard that a cop blew his brains all over the place. Or he mysteriously tripped, fell and a halligan bar was jammed through his forehead.

Just sayin'

I hope he is burning in the fires of hell for eternity.

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another case of a former felon, inmate and mental health crisis individual , with access to firearms. He legally could not possess them. Wonder if they belonged to his sister, who's remains were found in the rubble of the burned out homes?

Rest in peace brothers!

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The only time for a gun control debate is weeks or months after the shootings, if you listen to many people.

But the guy left a note saying that he wanted to see how many houses he could burn and to do what he liked doing best "killin people"

That sounds like a sane person to me.

He used the same type of gun that was used in the sandy hook shooting.

Just how would gun control or an assault weapon ban have prevented this shooting? When the answer is found let me know.

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