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Hello everyone!

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No,no...I made them read the first story from my iPad. They wanted more so I told them to go buy it :)

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I made a friend of mine read the first story out loud in a restaurant last weekend. So here's 4 of us sitting at a table, drunk, laughing so hard we're crying and gagging. Can't imagine what the other 50 people in the restaurant were thinking...

And it's the third time I read the book and I still laugh my butt off.

Wow, you and your friends are sick! So can I come party with you guys?!!?!!

Dear pmbowman,

Please accept my sincere apology. I did not intend for your introductory meeting post to go off into left field on a side conversation.

I am also a newbie to this forum and I should be more considerate of etiquette.

Again, let me welcome you to EMTCity. There is a wealth of valuable information on this site....just not from me.

My apologies.

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The family is fine and the baby is beautiful, well as beautiful as he can be. All babies look like aliens when they are born. It is crazy that they are bald wrinkled and toothless but precious none the less. He is the first great-nephew.

I have been promoted to near paragod status for my future telling skills. Two weeks ago a prognosticated the day and time of birth and only missed it by 2 minutes so I get to answer all the questions mom has. Thank goodness for the internet!

Dad is going back to work so I get to handle the PKU and initial vaccines, just the stuff I love to do.

I don't know about the 100,00 friends buying the book. All my friends are tightwad mooches that will try and borrow mine but I will give it a shot!

Thanks for getting me through labor and your interest in the fam.

OH MY GOD, You were in labor?? OH oh oh wait wait OK...never mind...I was gone, but now I'm back.

Congratulations to you and your whole family on having a healthy new little alien in your life! AND on your promotion to near paragod. I'll speak for your family, because I know it's true....it's nice to have a medic in the family. whether you realize it or not, you calm a lot of nerves, reassure insecurities and allay many fears, just by your presence and willingness to handle things like the vaccines. Good job.

You know what your payback will be? Baby poop! OH YEA...big time better you than me dude! Where there once was a room full of people....you now stand alone with the little bundle of wrinkles and....OH GOD I just had a flashback and smelled it......OK change subject....

So you missed the date and time of delivery by TWO MINUTES? Hmmm....a remarkable gift you have....OK....What am I thinking right now!! Quickly!!

THAT'S RIGHT! So you will tell me what the numbers are for the next megaillions yes?

I wonder what technology the baby will be using in 60 or 70 years?

Have a good night DFIB

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