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Lets get this party started! Post something here so we know you're alive!

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In court... "Mr Jones, you state you didn't claim injuries to the Sheriff's Deputy at the time of the accident, yet now, 3 months later, you're claiming a broken leg and other minor injuries from

Another one bites the dust. Just as good to keep the CPR beat up with.

HAHAHA This made me laugh

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Guilty of a BS EMS call today :D I felt so bad for the crew too, I offered to buy them lunch I felt so bad for having to call them.

How Dare you insult the Gods of EMS for a BS ems call. You should be drawn and quartered. And just why did you call them and get them away from their recliners, soda's and Dexter episodes?

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OK Scenario.

Patient received pain medications, patient denies receiving said pain medications, patient demands to go to the ER. What am I to do. Hence why I felt really bad about bugging EMS twice...once to pick up and once to drop off.

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12 days & counting::::

I'm so short, I can walk under Kate's new jeep :-}

But not yet under my Ford Freestyle, check back with me at 5 days.

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