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Lets get this party started! Post something here so we know you're alive!

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In court... "Mr Jones, you state you didn't claim injuries to the Sheriff's Deputy at the time of the accident, yet now, 3 months later, you're claiming a broken leg and other minor injuries from

Another one bites the dust. Just as good to keep the CPR beat up with.

HAHAHA This made me laugh

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Time for me to get back to the real things, I've missed these pages

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Seems the lovely Oct weather we've been having has finally departed...we are cottage bound for the weekend.... :icecream: 31 and sunny skies for the next several days. I see boating, tubing, fires on the shore, good friends, good times, a cold bevie or 2, surf and turf and total relaxation on the horizon. :beer: Happy Fri folks....enjoy your weekend.


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Remembered a set of twins, age 3, I took to the ER. On a later call, I asked the doctor about them...

"How is the child who swallowed some of a coin collection?" "No change yet."

"And the one swallowed the roll of film?" "Nothing has developed."

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