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love the sarcasm Doc

In our small semi rural community , we use the slogan: Neighbors helping Neighbors

We even take care of the tourists who show up right after mud season and spend their time & money on their weekend places.

If it's tourist season ::::: do we need a license to hunt them???

PG 75

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It's our 65th year. I'll prolly do a snippet on facebook, but I won't go out of my way b/c I honestly don't think anyone cares anymore.

But I'm still on my soap box about the "Ambulance Whistle". Yanno, to get more help. What did fire departments do for decades, some still do mind you, they blew massive whistles, horns or sirens. Yanno, like an air raid siren. Well, I suggest we get one - b/c even the fire dept. doesn't have one, and use it just for ambulance calls. Even if we have a crew, which we do 99.99999999999% of the time. Just set it off to piss people off, one blast in day light and at least ten good drawn out blasts between 1900 and 0659. Then, when there is enough new people to satisfy, we can burn the pole down and kill the siren.

Whoop. I have spell check, but I still screw it up. I've had a migraine for like six days...and I don't get them. I keep losing shit, forgetting shit and randomly loosing track while driving. Like I'll be one place, and know it, then ten miles later, I'll wonder how I got there without realizing I was driving. Freaky.


Well, there it is.

I like the decal doohickey on the sides.

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I like the decal doohickey on the sides.

Thanks, we actually had a competition at the high school to design our new graphic a few years ago and that was the winner. I'm getting the modules remounted in a couple of years and will likely make a change with the striping, but keep the crest. It helps give our community a sense of pride and ownership in their ambulance service. We use facebook and twitter quite a bit to keep our community informed. We've only been doing it for a year, but I've noticed a shift in attitude already. People are more engaged in their EMS agency.

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