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Lets get this party started! Post something here so we know you're alive!


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I can't stand up on ice skates, went zero for 100 in foul line shots on my own backyard basketball court, hit the baseball 1 time in 2 years in Little League (Last out of the last game), and am too afraid of getting hurt to play either Football or Soccer.

I don't play tennis, either regular of table, as I seem to play "Kill the Ball" more than the game. Golf? My divots are the size of Roosevelt Island in the East River.
It is safe to say I'm not really into sports.

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They're going to have to do better than they did last night there Happiness :D

I want this snow to melt so I can work on the yard before Mr. Kate's birthday party this weekend!! It's May FFS shouldn't I be in shorts and not bundled up in my parka?!?

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oh my gawd. I need drugs, stat!

I like saying STAT! It makes me feel official. Anyhoo.. Almost 70% of my body is slathered in solarpropane. That's Solarcaine. But it has propane in it, so I call it SolarPropane. ETOH. Sun. ETOH. ETOH. Inability to maintain consciousness...but at least I flopped around, and it's even on both sides. There is a gap, prolly six inches, right in the center...over the boys.. and my ass.. that isn't as red as a ripe tomato. I appear to be leaking, too. I think I may have overdone it this time. I had a WaterJel blanket in the tub earlier trying to stop the fricken burning sensation. I'll prolly have to sleep wrapped in burn sheets so I won't stick to my sheets.

I want page 75.

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That's why I hide from the sun! I did get some sun this weekend though doing yard work. I'm so ready for summer though! The news threatened to say that we would get some more snow this week but it's changed now to just rain.

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