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Lets get this party started! Post something here so we know you're alive!


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Chief- it's called superglue. Got the husband patched up (again). Lawnmower blade sharpened, tightening it down...

Let's just say that him busting in while I was just falling asleep for a nap yelling "I need the superglue" was NOT a great experience... should've stayed at work instead of taking the get to leave early option!

Oh, on the note of get the party started- some of the shithead college students here should learn that when there's hundreds of you in the street partying and the nice men in blue uniforms tell you it's time to go home and turn off your music, the appropriate response is "yes sir!" and stumbling for home, not "Fuck the police!!"

And they wonder why they got some tear gas lobbed their way.... stupid... "wahh, my eyes burn, the police are fascists...." DUDE, you don't even UNDERSTAND fascism. If they were really fascist pigs, you'd be full of lead, not lightly seasoned with cayenne....

Ok, on a totally ADD note, you guys have GOT to listen to this song.

-- Death Valley

Fall Out Boy... it's AMAZING.

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