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Lets get this party started! Post something here so we know you're alive!


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Just put suxamethonium in his food, cheaper, about $2 a vial

For some valiumz I will deal with him ... mmm hired gun valiumz

Oh, like three people at work are now on valiumz ... interesting, amusing and concerning all at the same time :D

Can't do that. He lives too far away.

for a little change we could send dwayne to deal with the EX.

Hmmm..... Nahhh! I don't want risk him infecting anyone else with his brand of insanity.

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No No I'm sure it is measure once cut twice. ;)

Or in my case, measure twice, cut once, cut again but just a little, measure once more, trim of a smidge, measure again, trim off a blade width, then thump it into place with a big hammer.

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