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Hello of an EMT from Paris, France !


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It is good to have you. You are one of the most informative new posters I have ever seen, I think.

Jump in to every discussion that tickles your fancy. I simply could not resist pitching in an idiom.

I am not familiar with Paris, France but have beet through Paris. Texas.

Our Proteccion Civil Logo from the other side of the world is very similar to yours.


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Hey, thank you DFIB and Patton! I'm sorry I haven't seen there was new replies in here!

Well, I'm always happy to learn about other countries and I think this is a great opportunity to tell people about the french system! I really like the french-US exchange, but I'm also interested in the rest of the world.

Where are you from if I may ask?

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Bienvenue, merci de l'histoire fascinante de la médecine d'urgence français. C'est la même chose, mais très différent, oui?
J'ai hâte d'en apprendre davantage au sujet de votre travail. Merci encore!

I was wondering what you and your Colleagues think about the gun violence in America? Have the recent mass shootings been shown on French news media?

I don't know, so I ask; Can French citizens buy and own guns the way Americans can? Is there much gun violence in France?

Thank you for answering so many quesitons!


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Hey Mike(s),

Like it is said above, I've written quite a long post about "guns" in France and USA, you can check it out on the link provided above ;)

About the school shooting itself, it was big news, made special editions and we had live broadcast from the US. I'm going to be very blunt and cynical, but when we hear about a mass shooting in the US we think "Oh, again...". It sounds like a bombing in Middle-East: it's terrible, but it has happened before and will happen again.

For most french people, it seems logical that having so many guns around with such little control, it is not surprising that gun violence is so frequent.

One thing that shocked many people too was how the journalists hunted down the kids and asked them very precise and gruesome details on the event, shoving the camera in their faces...

I'm sorry to sound so vehement, but I'm merely translating the general opinions about it.

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Bonjour Secouriste,

I thought you could help me with this... I stumbled across a documentary about SAMU de Paris, really interesting and well made (even for me with the petit peu of French that I speak). The question I've got is, what's happening from about minute 8:40 onwards. What I understand is the medecin gets 'shocked' while performing chest compressions. Yet the defibrillator (looks like an LP 15 or something, are you familiar with it?) hasn't released a shock, the patient's heart converts into a sinus rhythym or at least some sort of circulation returns. Is that correct? Seems like an interesting phenomenon...


Oh, and a late welcome to the forum ;) Bienvenue!

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Welcome to our madhouse!

You said "I'm a "foreman" (chef d'équipe) which mean I have to coordinate my team's action and take responsibility for my crew's safety as well as the patients' and third person's"

As someone who started in a community based Volunteer ambulance Corps, I'd say you're a designated "Crew Chief", kind of like a patrol sargent for your team.

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