Antioch Rescue Fined $15,000

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From the article According to the violation notice, squad members were able to access prescription doses of Lasix and Benadryl and put the drugs into the drinks of unsuspecting crew members, a clear violation of the EMS Act.

This is assault and it should have been dealt with in a more strict and harsher manner. I've been on the wrong end of the lasix in the coke joke and it ended up nearly killing me so those putting lasix in the drinks of the unsuspecting crew members should have been disciplined as well.

This ambulance service is a disgrace to this industry and in my opinion should have been shut down, not fined but that's my opinion and it's just what I read from the article. I will rescind my opinion if the charges in the article turn out to be false (I suspect they are not).

Hopefully the changes that have been made have made are enough to turn around this service.

Another step in the right direction would be to fire those putting the lasix and benedryl in the unsuspecting crew members drinks.

nuff said

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