Rob Davis "Dustdevil" 2012 CAP LAB Scholarship

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It is that time of the year again.

As you know from the other thread the CAP Lab is very soon and is not something you want to miss!!

This years contest is simple. Write me an essay on why YOU should be sent to CAP LAB.

Last year's winners are not eligible. :)

I am going to set a cutoff date for the essay submission of October 31st.

Winner will receive admission to CAP Lab, hotel and airfare dependent on winner's travel time to location, provided you are located within the Continental USA.

If you are serious about attending, have the time and cost was an issue...here is your chance to attend this great event with little concern.

Good Luck!

****Please PM them to my box here. Do not post in the open forum.

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24,853 views at the time of this writing.

1 submission.

A free trip for a little bit of your time...I assumed my box would be full.

4 days remaining....

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My error....it is OCt 31st....

Still expected to generate a lot more hub bub (conversation) than 24K views and nada....maybe people in general are procrastinators...I snatch up free shit! :)

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