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NREMT Testing

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I believe it is a timed exam that is written for the purpose of gaining a national registration of some sort in the United States. I've never taken it. But I do know how to use the search engine on here. When I put NREMT into it I get 5 pages of results which may answer your questions..

If you can't find your answer there, then come back here and formulate an intelligent question that addresses what you specifically want answered.


Oh, and welcome to the forums, nice to have you with us.

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I took it. It is a timed, adaptave, computer based test. There are several thousand questions in the question pool, and the computer will pick questions based on your previous answers. It is multiple choice.

It is a difficult test, but it tests you on all aspects of EMT or Paramedic. Once you pass it is good for 3 years.

The second part of the test is a practical scenario test infront of one or more evaluators. You will have 10 minutes to determine the problem and perform any interventions.

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After you pass an approved training program you have to log on to the NREMT website and set up an account with them.

Follow the instructions.

The computer adapted test is different than the old linear test. In a linear test every person gets the same sampling of questions from a given subject under the assumption that if they know the sampling they know the rest as well. This is the old NREMT testing method even after it was computerized. Well prepared candidates thought it was easy, others thought it has hard.

The NREMT now uses a Computer Adapted Testing combined with the Item Response Theory. This combination test tailor makes a test for each person according to their competency level. Essentially every NREMT test now seems to be the hardest test for every person because the more you know the harder your questions will be until the computer can define your level of competency. Every time the candidate answers a question, the computer re-estimates his or her ability.

The way it works is that the more correct answers you get the harder the questions become until you reach the limit of your knowledge. After that it will give you an easier question and then a harder one at the same competency level, With every additional answer, the ability estimate gets more precise.

Based upon the most recent, revised ability estimate, the computer selects the next item to be presented, such that the candidate will find it challenging. By doing this they challenge each candidate to limit of his/her ability. So everyone thinks the test is difficult.

There is no minimum percentage of questions required to pass of Technically every candidate only gets 50% of the questions right but since each person is tested at a different ability level the computer determines if a person is above or below the passing standard.

When the candidate is unable to pass the exam after three attempts, proof of a 36 hours of remedial training must be presented after which the candidate will be allowed three more opportunities to present the exam. If the candidate still cannot pass he will be required to retake the entire Advanced Medical Technician Course if he still desires to seek National Registry Certification.

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