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This video breaks my heart

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It seems like the preceeding police dialog alone should be all of the evidence necessary to show that the victim should have expected to be prepared to defend himself.

Is such a statement not assault when it comes from law enforcement?

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I might be reading the tape wrong but it seems to me that the medic had students riding with him because he tells them to "get their glasses on". Who else and to whom else could he have been saying th

I have no relation with anyone in the case but for some reason it haunts me. Probably for the reason you have stated.

I have pondered this and think that this incident is so disturbing because it is against our very nature. I cannot speak for everyone in EMS, but at least the ones of us who survive in the busine

Everything about this case is wrong except that the policeman is going to be tried by jury. Even the charges are wrong. He should be charged with murder in the first degree. He had intent and he deviously created the opportunity to beat that poor man to death.

I think one of the sickest and most damning things about this incident is when he puts on the latex gloves in preparation for his cowardly assault on Mr. Tomas. That really gives me the chills.

Putting on gloves is an act that we as medical professionals do automatically, even without any conscious thought. We put on our gloves in preparation to show kindness, to ease pain and alleviate anxiety. We put on our gloves to heal others without incurring in harm ourselves.

When that animal in uniform, puts on the gloves, the same gloves we use to heal, with the full intention of causing bloody harm, but with the presence of mind to protect himself from the same blood he intended to savagely spill, I see his motives and intentions are clear.

That simple act of putting on his gloves, to do harm, makes me absolutely sick.

I hope they, including his defense and anyone who supports them, abundantly get everything they deserve. In this life or the next.

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Man, I'm so happy to see that some of the police officers are actually suffering for this...Not enough of them, in my opinion, but at least some...

Thanks for the updates Brother...I let this fall off of my radar, but I'd love to see how it turns out...

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is anyone surprised at the not guilty verdict?

And here comes the civil trial. This will be a completely different story.

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