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Special Operations Medical Association 2012 Conference- Call for presentations

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Over the past few years the Special Operations Medical Association has been expanding offerings of interest to civilian and government tactical medical support providers. The ultimate mission of this organization is to arm medical providers with the knowledge and skills to care for the warfighter and tactical operator in any setting.

Continuing with this tradition, we are putting out a call for presentations specific to the civilian TEMS environment. We are especially interested in presentations from medics with field experience that can share that experience in terms of lessons learned. Attendees of the conference are physicians, PAs, nurses, and medics, from US and foreign military, government organizations (FBI, Marshals, ICE, etc.), and civilian law enforcement and rescue organizations. Over 2000 people came to last year's conference, which is nearly double the number that came in 2008.

It's also the cheapest 28 hours of category 1 CME you'll get anywhere.

December 15-18

Tampa Convention Center

Tampa, FL

The first 2 days of the conference are mostly presentations from SOF medics and docs, with emphasis on the military special operations medic. Great information in these sessions last year, which included combat vignettes, an 18D discussing firebase medicine in Afghanistan, a member of a female engagement team in Afghanistan, an in-depth presentation on the Tucson mass shooting (that involved Rep Guiffords), and talks on evolving medications and techniques for the SOF medical provider.

The last 2 days of the conference are breakout sessions tailored to one's specific environment. There is a military track as well as a civilian TEMS track. Presentations in the TEMS track last year included terrific talks on high rise casualty evacuation, rapid breaching for active shooter incidents, and the CoTECC update.

These are the kinds of things we are looking for:

After action reviews or lessons learned from tactical or mass casualty events

Hands on training in the form of skills training or simulations (VERY popular)

Training programs to sustain and improve medical skills among TEMS providers

Presentations of original research

Innovative problem solving for the tactical medic

Topics of importance to TEMS program administration (liability, training, selection, funding)

We have a HUGE amount of space at our disposal at the Tampa Convention Center. The exhibit floor can support heavy equipment and vehicles (up to an Abrams tank. Anything heavier, we'll have to ask), and we have plenty of breakout space for hands on sessions. If you can think of a great training exercise, we'd love to do it.

If you would like to teach a topic, or can suggest a speaker or topic you think would be of interest to the TEMS community, please drop me an email.

If you know of an organization that would like to have a meeting or luncheon at the conference, please let me know as well.

The website: www.specialoperationsmedicine.org



SOMA 2012 Co-Chair

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