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SWAT Medic

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So I am currently attending high school, but after high school, I am planning to become a tactical medic for the Special Weapons and Tactics team, hopefully in Los Angeles or Las Vegas. Now all of the other posts, I never got the information I need. Can anyone tell me the requirements for being a tactical medic? For example, do we attend both EMS training and police academy like that? Something related to those topics. I would really like to discuss this with someone who is currently a tactical medic OR used to be one. Thanks :)

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You get your EMT, then your medic, then you get some experience, like quite a bit of it, then you can apply to be a swat medic. Don't go into this thinking that you can just become a swat medic because that won't happen. This is a very competetive part of EMS, everyone seems to want to become a tactical medic thus making it the top medics being chosen.

So you need to be self motivated to really want the position, excel at being a top notch medic and then and only then might you be chosen.

But don't think that you can just up and get out of high school and go apply with LV PD or LAPD for a tactical medic and get the job because it's just not that easy.

You are young, my advice is to go a degree granting school and get your associates at least that will give you a broad education along with paramedic or even better get your bachelors degree along with your paramedic.

Then get some field experience and then and only then apply for the tactical medic slots when they open up. You will find that you will be MILES and MILES ahead of those without your level of qualifications.

Or don't and you will see how much you have to learn to catch up.

It's your career. Choose wisely

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Tactical medic intellectually shouldn't be much more challenging than being a "regular" medic. The main difference is the Tactical training that really is not rocket science.

I have done the SWAT training and really consider it to be more about tactics and less about medicine simply because of the MOI

that is most common in their line of work.

I agree with the Capitain that it would seem to be a very difficult position to get, especially considering all the veteran medics with combat experience that already in line.

I consider that rank and file medics are much better practitioners because of the great variety of their calls. Tactical Medics basically do high velocity trauma, bleeding control and shock.

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You are aiming for a tiny niche of a much wider picture, if you do not become a SWAT medic are you happy just being a regular Paramedic because that in the overwhelming likelihood that is where you are going to end up and if you're not happy with that then you've wasted all that effort and money. Trust me nobody wants somebody who doesn't want to be at work dealing with their medical problem.

Now if you ask me I do not see the point of "SWAT Medics"; here Ambulance Rescue (SERT) supports the Police Armed Offenders Squad but they are neither armed nor expected to actually go into the Police operating environment.

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