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[JEMS NEWSFEED] Following Spike in Poison-Control Calls, Detergent Packs Will Get Redesign

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I think it's time for people to get a re-design. Might the designers of these products have thought this through and said to themselves, these look a whole lot like candy and that kids maybe, just maybe, might get into them.

Why do we need to have detergent in any more of a pretty package than a box of white powder or blue liquid?

The powder and blue liquid have worked for years and have gotten our clothes clean and why now do we have to have these pods that look like candy.

But on the flip side, Parents need to take responsibility and put these chemicals up above where their children can get there hands on them as well. It's time that we all take responsibility as parents as well.

My laundry room is in the basement and my 2 year old can't get to the basement unless I allow her access to that area and if she's down in the basement then she's down there where I can see her so she's not gonna get into the laundry soap.

But I guess it's nobodies fault, so to keep up the nobodies fault theme, we will just change the packaging and all is well.

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For the love of all that is holy! When will we actually force parents to be parents? Ethylene glycol(antifreeze) apparently tastes sweet, which is why dogs and kids often drink it. Should we make it taste like crap just so kids and dogs aren't poisoned? Marbles and small toys are choking hazards, so should we redesign toys so that nothing is smaller than a basketball?

I can't wait for the inevitable lawsuit on this- that is if one has not been already filed....

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I'll bet that's one of the reasons why there is a redesign. You can bet that the increase in the calls to the poison centers is not the single catalyst to the redesign. There is ALWAYS a lawsuit.

But you are right Herbie. If you as a parent are not responsible enough to keep the chemicals away from your children then I don't know what to say about your parenting skills or knowledge.

Get a measuring cup out and go to a store and buy some freaking common sense.

And let's remember, this redesign is brought to you by the company that gave you "it's not my responsibility, it's the big nanny state who's responsible for my messing up"

I mean if I can't find someone to blame some bottom sucking lawyer will find someone for me.

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