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Don't know if I can keep doing this

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It's a funny "business" filled with weird personalities/egos. I work with some seriously odd people on a daily basis......

I guess you have to just look past the BS sometimes and just focus on patient care, always and without fail act in good faith, and in the best interests of the patient. If you can go to bed at night knowing you've done the best job you can and with integrity then all the other inter-personal bs doesn't matter, I think.

It's gotten me by for nearly 5 years now and I'm far (very very far) from the sharpest tool in the shed!!

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awwww.. you silver tongued devil. I can't understand why you have trouble getting laid.... .

From your description, I'm genuinely surprised that no one has brought up the possibility that your employer is creating a "hostile work environment." That is a violation of Federal law, and they can

It sounds much more like a toxic service than anything "wrong" you did. I would find a new service and get out of your current one ASAP.

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