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half ton, three quarter ton & one ton!

for ambulance use 140" & 158" wheelbase.

There are more Sprinter Ambulances World wide than there are Chevy or GM Van Type IIs. Roughly 800,000 Sprinters have been

manuf. in Germany in the last 16 years. There going to catch on here in the states, and when they do, Ford will go nutz. So, what is holding up builders from pumping out Sprinters? FORD exclusive contracts on builders.

Advantages over Ford, GM & Chevy.

Longer road live by one to two years.

Far better fuel economy.

Tighter turning radius.

Headroom without fiberglas extended roof.

Can be serviced at Dodge and Freightliner dealerships. (NOT @ Mercedes Car dealerships)

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i know a neiboring company just bought one and it had bad bad wiring problems also when it was delivierd it had not cabnits. but they do save on fuel which makes hem ideal for transfers

Yes, apparently there are people building ambulances who are unprofessional and do not pay attention to details. I bet they are horrible spellers with poor grammar too! It's a good thing they aren't EMT's! :wink:

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Bayshore Ambulance here in the SF Bay Area has a similar looking unit, but it's made by Freightliner. A photo of one is here:




I haven't seen the inside of one (Bayshore doesn't seem to get down this way that often) but from the outside, they look nice. :D

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i work for a service that has run all type II's for years and has since bought a few type III's. the owner said that he was going to buy a new units about a year and a half ago. after had ordered it and said where he ordered it from i told him that the companies around where i live that operate those kind hate them. i had also not heard anything good about the company. when it was delivered it was neat at first, then five minutes later we all hated. have told the owner and managers that we should not take a ortho pt in it, it is too rough. we have tried to get rid of the truck for a year now. he has told us that when it gets 100,000 miles on it we will sell it. i told him we should do it now before we get to many miles on it, and are stuck with it. we are also getting ready to purchase a new unit. this time it is with a popular company, and a type III. if there is any one that would want a sprinter, we have a standard wheel base lowtop with all led lights with still low mileage let me know i can try to talk the owner into selling it. the employees will even pay to get rid of it. it rides rough, it does not have much room in the back, the seating all around is not comfortable, some of the cabinets don't work right. but it does get good mileage.

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I work for a private service in upstate south carolina. we bought a sprinter about 6 months ago and love it. we did buy it used, but for the price and condition (nearly new) it just couldn't be beat.

What i haven't seen anyone mention yet (and i very well could've missed it) is the fuel mileage, and with oil prices so high, the benefits are wonderful and financially great for us. We run a 2004 F-450 as our frontline truck for our 911 side and have a 05 F-450, 2001 350 mini-mod, and 95 350 van, alone with the sprinter that is a 2004 for our granny shuffle service. The F series trucks get about 8 mpg, mini gets 10, and van gets 12....but the sprinter gets an average of 18mpg. mechanically it seems very sound and we have had no prob's yet. it has about 70,000 miles on it.

I took a patient from Greenville, SC to National Institute of Health in Bethesda, MD (about 540 miles each way) last month. We used 1 3/4 tanks and averaged 18.8 mpg on that trip.

The only problem we had is the patient compartment hvac unit under the truck has had a wire harness taken off...actually on the way back from our Maryland trip. we replaced it and put it in a place where it doesn't hang down, and have had no other prob's with it.

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