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Debate with PHTLS (NAEMT) Instructor

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As chbare said, you MUST break this habit now. There is the real world and there is the testing process. If you try and take that NR this way, you are going to be totally screwed.

Any attempt to be a deep thinker during these tests, and I don't care which one it is, will torpedo your odds of passing. It's not an easy process sometimes, but you truly will be going through medic school in two modes.

The first, to learn all that you can about everything to try and become the best medic that you can be. The second to understand and defeat the testing process so that you can achieve goal one. See? Simple.

It's really not as difficult as it sounds. Take your tests as if you were a basic taking them, (Not because Basics are stupid, but most basics wouldn't have the information to ask the deep, 'what if' questions on a paramedic exam) truly, stop all of that fancy thinking and 'what if'ing, and you'll see that most answers will be relatively simple, as in this case.

The tests are not deep, they are not intended to see if you're smart or logical, and you certainly can give the shallow answers that the tests want without becoming a shallow thinker on scene. You can. Yes you can! Stop it now...(you can.)

Should it be different? Of course...but this is a national test that's focused really more on money than on testing competency...it's one of the many silly hoops that most of us have to jump through. Stop wasting time being angry about it, you've got better things to do... It is what it is...


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As I stated in my previous post, you have 2 ways to learn while in medic class. Dwayne has summed it up rather well and all the replies here have said basically the same thing. If you want to test and get your certification, you have to stop this habit now. The result of reading more into the questions than is needed or trying to make it what you want it be, will be more than painful, it will be devastating.

SO....stop it now. Be the Little Engine That Could. I think I can I think I can....I know I can.

Dont make me come to Georgia and kick your butt :whistle:

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