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What weapons are you certified in to carry.


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I work as a security guard at a mall for my second job. In my always wanting to have as much knowledge as i can i have taken my basic guard class, baton class and chemical agent class. I will be taking my taser and weaponless defense soon also. So here is my question how many people here work in some other aspect that allows them to be certified in weapons ? What are you certified for ? Do you carry them at the job you are certified to use them for? We can not carry any of the weapons yet at the mall. But the knowledge is good to have. When they allow use to i will carry them at the mall.

Please don't turn this into a why would a EMT need these and such. As i said this is for people who use them in the performance of on of their other jobs or details etc ....

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In my other life i'm an auxiliary police officer. Its volunteer work. I'm certified to carry and use hancuffs, baton/asp baton, pepper spray and tazers. I do not carry a firearm although i am trained to use one. I don't however carry any of these items while not on duty with the police service.

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Guest CHP medic

I am a flight officer / paramedic, so when I fly I carry a .40 cal and Asp baton on me. When I am working the road I also carry OC spray, AR-15 rifle and 12 gauge shotgun.

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Courtesy of my second major full time employer [ret], I can carry/shoot just about anything from an M-16 automatic rifle through an M-9 9mm Beretta sidearm, an MP-5 and P-90 bull-pup style automatic pistol, you name it: pretty much anything the US Army wanted to put in my hands. Not counting a few things our allies let me learn/train with [uzi, etc]. Also any variety of explosive ordinance [claymores, grenades, LAWs, DRAGON shoulder fired missile] etc. And yes, for most of those 21+ years I was a 91 series MOS enlisted woman. [91 series was medical career fields]. I believe in 'preventive medicine' and if throwing lead downrange at someone shooting at me or my patient 'prevents' any of mine from getting hurt, well... that's the way it goes. I don't do anyone any good as a 'dead medic'.

Mundanely? I have my CCP where I live and if I carry, it's my personal 9mm Beretta. If I'm working security, it's OC spray, a short ASP and cuffs.

But most folks honestly don't try to give a 50+ yo grey haired lady a lot of trouble amazingly enough.

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It's a GAU-2B/A 7.62mm (.308) belt fed, air cooled, six barrell electric minigun. The rate of fire is 6000 rounds per minute, but you can't actually hold the trigger down for a full minute or the barrells will melt, haha. There are 2 or 3 of them on Air Force SAR and Special Ops helicopters. Good times!

You can see one sticking out the side window of my helicopter at this pic in my gallery:


They are made by General Electric, which resulted in this popular poster back during the war:


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