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Teaching assessment of opposite gender patients


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  1. 1. Should EMT students be practicing assessment skills on opposite gender classmates?

    • Yes, because they will have to do it in the field
    • No, it is inappropriate and should not be done.
    • They should be allowed to opt out if they choose.

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I am back guys, got stuck at a station with no wifi for 24 hours (deplorable, I know!)

So most of my students are under 25 years old, mostly young volunteer firefighters. Maturity level has certainly not been the highest with this group, but I do have some very good ones.

After the behavior seemed to make a female student I was using as a patient uncomfortable I changed it to where I was acting as the patient. I made them conduct the physical assessment on me. Which, on a side note, is a whole different outlook on grading your student performance. I think I may put myself in the patient role more often and have a student or assistant instructor calling the scenario.

It was a double edged sword in that it stopped all giggling and immature behavior, but it made the ones who were uncomfortable touching female 'patients' even more nervous.

Taking your advice I cracked down and reset the tone of their scenarios. During end of chapter skills check off I told them point blank that if they laughed or did anything inappropriate their scenario stops, they receive an automatic fail, and will have to remediate outside normal class hours. I was the patient and had an assistant instructor calling the scenario. We evaluated them as a team.

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