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Have you recert'd your NR-P via retaking the test?

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Hey all,

I'm recerting my NR this year and am looking at doing it via retaking the NR.

Has anyone done this? The NR site kind of makes it appear that the test and a Med Dir to sign off on your skills is really all that you need, but there are parts that are not very clear.

I've not really researched it or called them as I just started thinking of doing it this way.

I've got a bunch of CEUs, though might need a few more, but I'm not really worried about that...

I was just curious how anyone else found the experience...


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I have not recertified by taking the test and obviously am not a medic so I might be talking out of my butt. I did however just take a lower level National Registry test.

One thing You might consider if you took your test before the new adaptive test format is to go back to the books for all of the details that we tend to forget because we hardly ever use them. Another thing is that the questions are according to curricula and I found that what I would answer from experience is usually not the question they want.

Here is a post where I talk about the test itself and what you might be able to expect. The NREMT web page has a good Power Point about the test.

I think taking the test would be a challenge that would force medics to revisit the books. It is probably a good idea from the provider stand point as well.

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I just recertified, and after a year and a half lapse, had to retake the exam-written and practical. This is not a route I would recommend, but it wasn't all that difficult either. The CBT left me a bit tense about what I thought I had known, but I had a result in 24 hours so I didn't have to dwell on it too long. The practical wasn't too bad either, and official results were available in about a week.

If you have the recertification paperwork, I'd suggest going that route. For the transition period to NRP, most places won't have this up and running for a couple years. NREMT has it as a requirement by 2016, if memory serves.

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Hey Dwayne,

I always did my recerts by challenging the tests. I found it a lot less painful than those 40ish hour medic refresher classes. You've got the basics-- have your medcon/director sign off on skills and CMEs, then you get authorized to take the written exam. Its like $100 and you're done. WAY better than the alternative...

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