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Worst sayings of 2011

Just Plain Ruff

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"I know already" (from supervisor when complaining about missing/defective stuff - yes, sir/maam, FROM ME, because I complain about it the last decade, please DO something about it now!)

"DO something about it now, I already told you several times!" (from supervisor - huh? first time I hear this)

"EVERYBODY knows!" (from supervisor - sorry, didn't get the memo, beeing sure there doesn't exist something written plus all others don't know it anyway)

"It always was this way!" (from anybody - which still isn't proof that this is the best or even a good way).

"No! Why anyway?" (from my kid - hey, I never dared to say this to my dad, it always was this way, everybody knows and I already told you several times!)

OK, I admit, all of them are not restricted to a specific year. All time favourites. Yes, there are more.

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I absolutely hate the following, one has been around a while and I did not like it the first time I heard it.

Duh or No duh

My Bad

One of my co workers constantly abbreviated words, the one she used about a week out of the year was "have you have your eval yet." Eval was Evaluation.

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"You know, They say that x is going to happen soon" with 'They' being an obviously reliable, intelligent, though unidentifiable, source.

"Recent/all the studies show that...." coming from someone that I absolutely know gets their most up to the minute information for daytime television.

And to those that hate, 'it is what it is', should you ever choose to do remote medicine you'll find that sometimes that statement is all that keeps you sane. When it's windy and dusty and cold, your clinic is leaking, your patient has shit running down their legs and you med restock hasn't arrived as promised...you can hate life and spend your days complaining that "I shouldn't have to work like this!" and writing letters that will be ignored, or simply accept the world you're working in and get busy...sometimes things just are what they are...but your choice of perception can be paramount.

Edit: An excellent example being a situation at my last gig. Before I arrived they had a camp wide food poisoning. One doctor and an untrained driver had 80 people on IV fluids. Does it suck? Oh yeah...but it is what it is....Time to roll up your sleeves...


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a bird in the hand is worth more than a hand in the bird. This is posted on the wall at the office. Came from the owner.

That is a quote not a saying. But it still should fall under the category

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