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I thought for shits and giggle's

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I would like to post a bit of a reflection on my last winters deployment entitled the assent of man in the oilpatch chapter 8 i.e PIPELINERS.

Et All:

I find myself sitting staring, albeit somewhat empty minded or mildly hypothermic (you choose) as its dark and - 34 C (ps no poofter wind-chill factor included) gazing across a somewhat less than picturesque view of miles and miles of what the locals call "SKEG" home to caribou, moose, wolves and foxes and no NOT what YOUR thinking Dustdevil Rob Davis !

I am accompanied by the local tribe's the indigenous peoples here called "pipeliners". I believe that they may be distantly related to those union OZ types as the word union and beers is overheard and used in the same sentence. Although much more protective clothing is worn than the typical OZ PPE beach shorts with my wards. It is my theorem that these pipeliners are culturally distinct group in so far as my documentation is concerned, primarily due to a higher than average risk injury to eyes.

As all the members of this board can identify medical terms, specifically: "occularslagotitis" with associated comorbidity of "latereportit" with of course the complication's of digitally impacted and iatrogenic "grinditindanggoodis" adjuncts used to assist in this last pathology would be gloves, covered filthy crap and kitty litter.

Through observation, a very curious neurological disorder also exists in this sub species' of this tribal oilpatch worker. What I have named the "preflashheadbobatosis" this is rapid twitch response is observed just preceding a large flash of light (well ... SOMETIMES !)

This as my supply of tetracaine, OTC ibuprophen and muscle relaxants dwindles, and all double locked up documented to the tablet (in SEA CAN) Fortunately there is no shortage of material for "cool" compresses as in sandwich bag's and somewhat "sterile" solid state precipitation abounds (avoid the yellow snow, svp)

I have in the last fortnight had 6 lovely deep corneal lacs, intruding into pupil, grinder dust ++++, plus these rusty red hallos surrounding fixated piece's of black crap, most highly likely been in situ for years .... although "very attractive in some" ???? LOL !

Word is out from tribal leader / company safety man (ex mil) that a memo has been issued and the field ophthalmologist (underpaid I add) is now accepting new patients, no appointments necessary, field calls to be placed in sequoia as "Eye / Involved / Observed / Underreported" list, hereon after to be called the EIOU (and most times Y ?) ...SIR !

Tips of the fingers have some problems remaining attached as well most curiously "tipodigitousamputosis" or "squashmefingerosis" is a close second, although root cause could be congenital in some, genetic lack of focus in others, a study is being debated to undertake. said study, presently awaiting funding with grog ration as pre payment.

So after lengthy preamble:

I am asking for some advice, as my eye examination skills are a bit challenged or perhaps my eyes are challenged, as this is probably closer to the real truth. I have a flip down cheap ass 'magnafocuser' good for identifying things the size of coins, roots of trees and the like, but crappy for much else. I am looking to invest in a real ottoscope and / or a Sherlock Holmes magnifier ... if the group would be so kind as to suggest their devices for more comprehensive microscopic eye examination my ears are open, and NO Donn B. there is no room in my MTC (aka Mobil Treatment Center mounted on a 4x4 camper) for a slit lamp, something hand held, for walkabout rounds.

Any suggestion(s) most kindly accepted .


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Depending on your logistical support and comfort level, is a slit lamp a viable option?

This was written a year ago, there is some inside joking going on tongue in cheek with the OZ and a good friend Donn (was a friend of Robs too btw) he was very knowledgeable about eyes and he would have suggested a slit lamp, was pulling his leg a bit is all, this was originally posted on a Remote support UK website.

So No, a slit lamp was out of the question in the back of any MTC, but I was seeing 3 eyes a day minimum the pretend magni focuser was pitiful / useless.

I have since settled for a classic USA military issue OPHTHALMOSCOPE OTOSCOPE from a CAF medic lady friend trading kit, she found it in the sandbox lost somehow ? LOL .. fair trade for kit, she got my old L scope, a couple bedside troponoin tests and she threw in a couple OLEAS bandages for good measure http://www.ctoms.ca/...r-bandage?cat=8

Got to love trading kit with military types :punk:

http://www.usamma.ar...ERT_STARTUP.pdf Still teaching myself how to use it properly .. eyes are the one of the most interesting of all the organs IMHO.

Trying to kick start a "Remote Practice Forum" ... and a dialogue for those in austere settings as it is a way different look at the world than working on a rural or urban setting truck with 2 partners of which you are very familiar, chbare .



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