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Forcing the Tube

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I don't like those "Paramedics make intubation worse" studies and have some concerns about method and confounding variables

But I do have a man crush on Gareth Davies from London's Air Ambulance :D:wub: (maybe Hank Scorpio too ssssh)

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That sucky feeling changed something in you and you changed your practice. That's why these things happen, so that we can learn from them.

Bieber I personally think you are on the right track. Sounds to me that you are progressing well as a young practitioner. I always wanted my students and new medics to ask these types of questions. Wh

I am really hoping by these statements that your "on the rag again" I know that it is hard to armchair this but in my experience respiratory arrest secondary to COPD is not a death sentence. I have pe

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