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Preparing to go to paramedic school - what to read?

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What, these books are known to have been used on our BHSc (Paramedic) degree :D

I googled BHSc degree and came up with bachelors programs. Are you saying that what this person should do to prepare for a 12 month paramedic certificate course is complete the material that is sometimes used in a 3 year undergraduate degree? ...And then add chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, physiology, and other graduate level material?

Sometimes I feel like people post stuff like this just to show off what books they (may or may not) have once read. We're not measuring e-peens here.

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Better throw in classical mechanics, electricity and magnetism, organic chemistry and physical chemistry to top it off...

I think we all agree that there exist profound deficiencies in EMS education within the United States, but I tend to agree with Fiznat that we need the question the practicality of telling somebody to read four years of material in preparation for a "typical" American paramedic programme.

If the OP has a year or more before beginning, then I would suggest he/she take the year sequence of college anatomy and physiology that nurses and allied health students take. This, IMHO is probably the highest yield course one can take prior to paramedic school in the United States. Unfortunately, making somebody with EMT level training read upper level material and expecting them to make any sense of it is probably not going to be a high yield exercise in terms of preparation.

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