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I need to take and pass my NREMT Paramedic test, I have one more chance before I have to have a refresher class but was wondering if I don't pass it and take a refresher class what is the time limit we get for taking it? I know we get another 3 shots at passing and then have to repeat the whole class again, but I was just curious if anyone knows if it has to be done within a year or what. My course completion will be up in December. If anyone has any input I would greatly appreciate it!!!!

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As I read it, there is no end date. However, I highly recommend you go to https://www.nremt.org/nremt/about/reg_para_history.asp#Cognitive_Examination to get your answers.

Good luck to you!

FYI - Jon Puryear has, as I understand it, a great prep course if you need it.

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You have 1 year from the date you pass you'r practical examination to pass the NREMT-P written exam...According to my state EMS office. Good luck on the examination. Did you EMT-P program use FISDAP? They offer final exams call the OSPE (Online Summative Paramedic Exam) or now call the paramedic blue exam....Very helpful, but much harder than the actual NREMT-P exam. Let us know how it goes!


Another great site that I used to pass my test was. www.jplearningprep.com.


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Generally, you have 1 calendar year to get your three attempts in. I can't relate that using the full time is helpful though, as the fewer attempts and less time from the end of your initial course seem to relate to better results. The review sites/courses are useful but if it is a matter of the practical tripping you up, they won't be as helpful as they are with the CBE.

Good luck all the same.

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