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Well....heck... Here goes. I'm an oldie as well. I originally joined in 2005 and spent many a day and night here chatting it up with the old crew. I left, and returned in 2009. Dusty and I talked a lot in the beginning, stayed in touch on Yahoo chat and then spoke again through 2009. I lost touch with him about a year ago or so, and the talks faded away. I SO regret not coming back to the City to talk with him. And, I too, hate that this is what brought me here. But just the same, I'll say my piece too.

I know that my relationship with Dust probably started out the same as most everyone else's. I remember the first night I was a part of the "city". I wasn't in chat all of about 5 minutes when it started...he made a complete ass of me about one of my posts and ensued a hell of an argument between us. It took me milliseconds into that argument to decide I hated him! For those of you that remember me and my posts....I will tell it like it is. Dust and I had that in common. And tell him, I did!!! I told him exactly how I felt, and surprisingly, his answers pi$$ed me off even more. HAHA. As quickly as it came, it went. I found the more I talked to Dust, and the more I despised him....the more he intrigued me, and the more I loved him to pieces. It didn't take long for us to realize that we were on the same team. That being one of education, doing things right, and busting our a$$es in this business for the respect we all deserve. Dust and I had many many a talk after that. While everyone was cutting up in chat, we were chatting in private about some crazy medical topic. I think we just about covered it all, if that is possible. I'll never forget staring at the nipples while we talked seriously about this or that. I'd tell him. "Will you put a shirt on please...I can't concentrate." LOL. He would always tell me the same thing...that it was an excuse because I needed to think about what I was going to say. Smartypants. In the beginning that would have riled me up, but as time passed, I grew to love the ribbing, expected it...and most of it stopped. Dust and I grew to respect each other. I found him referring to my posts, copying and pasting my answers to newbies, and supporting my ideas and thoughts. I came to know him as an intelligent source of a wealth of knowledge, a partner, a friend, a confidant, and someone I highly, highly respected. When I learned of his illness, it broke my heart. No one should have to suffer in this lifetime, though we all know it happens, especially working in this business. But, it sickened me to know that someone like Rob, with all his infinite wisdom, would know exactly what was happening to him, as his disease progressed. These are a lot of words I write...but yet they are just words. There are no true words that I can put down on this computer screen to honor the kind of man Dusty was. We live a lifetime and may have the privilege of meeting a guy like him.....and he was my once in a lifetime. Dust...I will remember everything you ever told me. Thank you for the anger, the frustrations, the laughs, and for always pushing all of us to challenge ourselves. At the end of the day...you were just a regular guy with a heart of gold who would have done anything for anyone. The EMS community has suffered a great loss...and a void that can never be replaced. I'm sorry I wasn't here to speak to you in your last days. Tonight...the old gang was together in chat. I half expected your onry a$$ to pop in and stir some trouble. TIme passes so quickly...days turn into months...and years. Life is precious...We will never forget you and the mark you left on all of us. Rest in peace, dear DustDevil. EMT City will not be the same...but we will do our best to make you proud. Thanks for the memories....
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Stand easy and stand down, DustDevil, we'll continue from here what you started.

So long DustDevil....we had some good times in both Iraq and Florida. Will miss ya buddy!

I can honestly say that if it weren't for Rob (Dustdevil) I would not be an EMT anymore, nore would I be a medic student hopeful who even though I will not walk out with a degree in EMS I will walk ou

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From all here in the great south land, condolences and empathy to dust's family and to ALL his friends

It was good to dicuss the differing aspects of prehospital care of our two lands

Dust you will be missed


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I was so sad to hear of his passing, I looked forward to reading his posts, and for some reason , He had been on my mind the last couple of days. Please pass on my condolences to his family. I wouldn't dream of saying that I knew him, I think he may have PM'd me once or twice in the early days, but He certainly had a big effect on me and the way I think.

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I have been inactive for a while as well. I come from way back in 2006. Dusty was one of the first to welcome me to the forums. I remember staying up to all hours of the morning and night talking to him in chat. It is hard to believe that he is gone. He will be greatly missed. God Speed Dust!!

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Our EMS Brother Rob "Dustdevil" Davis will be greatly missed. There will be a great void here at EMT City as well as in his community. On behalf my colleagues, we will be keeping Rob and his family in our thoughts and prayers.

Washington County Paramedics, Weiser, Idaho


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