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AK thanks for the pictures. I can now show my son what Dust looked like. I had the time of my life at that get together at a time that I really needed a getaway.

I spent some time talking to Rob a couple of weeks ago and he sounded good but frail. He told me his time was near but I didn't believe him.

He told me he was sick about a year ago, said he wasn't sure what it was but it was bad. Said he thought it was from the desert and it's impurities from the war and the munitions. I have a suspicion that he really knew what it was and didn't want me to know but he did ask me to not tell anyone that he was so sick. He said that he would tell the City in his own time.

I am grieving for the loss of a friend and a colleague. My flag is flying at half mast, my badge is covered with a black band and my dress blues are set out waiting to be worn.

God Speed Dust, RIP.

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Stand easy and stand down, DustDevil, we'll continue from here what you started.

So long DustDevil....we had some good times in both Iraq and Florida. Will miss ya buddy!

I can honestly say that if it weren't for Rob (Dustdevil) I would not be an EMT anymore, nore would I be a medic student hopeful who even though I will not walk out with a degree in EMS I will walk ou

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I just signed in to see this awful news. I am devastated. Dust was one of the first people to welcome me to this forum. His nickname for me was Nymphet in the chat room. It was his encouragement to further educate ourselves that helped me to decide to become a medic and I will miss him terribly. Rest in Peace my friend.

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Him and I had a few "debates", I will not say they were clashes. He always used the word "hose monkeys" for fire fighters which drove me up a damn wall, and I told him that, everytime he saw me in chat or on line he mentioned that word to irk me...lol.

You will be missed Dust.... RIP buddy..

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This is terrible news that could not have come at a worse time, Rob was an awesome guy, like the McLovin of EMTCity seriously he was just an awesome guy, been everywhere, done everything, knew everything .... we just missed each other in Dallas a couple years back.

Yeah I guess the bloody IAFF finally got him :D

Rest easy bro.


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I will miss him. Rob was incredibly intelligent, even if he was slightly whacko. I was one of the few whom he told about his diagnosis, and was sworn to secrecy. It grieves me to think of him fighting this cruel disease, and I am glad that he is free now... godspeed, Rob.

He poked me, and prodded me, and pissed me off. He challenged me, and forced me to develop my thinking. It is because of him that I refused to be scared into being a half assed EMT. He taught me things that are immeasurable in value, that directly affect my approach to care in my job now and shape my views as I go through nursing school.

I am only sorry we never met in person; I will never forget endless hours of angry forum posting and congenial video chatting... it's funny, I actually had a dream last night where I was talking to Rob... really weird, if you think about it. Maybe he came to tell me goodbye.

Rest in peace, Uncle Dust.



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After reading the tributes to Dust, it's clear he touched a lot of lives. It was fun battling with him here- always a challenge, and he kept me on my toes. Sometimes we simply agreed to disagree, but that's OK.

This makes me realize that although we verbally joust about damn near every topic known to man, it's good to remember there are faces and stories behind the pseudonyms here. There are many folks I would love to go out and have a beer with, and others I want to throttle by the neck, but regardless of our viewpoints, I think we all have far more in common than we care to admit.

As we all know, our health is the one thing we cannot control. For those of us who have dealt with serious medical issues, after you couple that with what we see every day, and we realize just how fleeting and fragile life can be.

Sadly, I count myself as someone who- even after a near miss with the grim reaper, who still too often sweats the small stuff. STUPID, and I wish I could stop. I guess once a Type A, always a Type A, although I am better than I used to be...

Let's all honor Rob's memory by striving to be better providers, and better people. Don't take life for granted- you never know when it will be snatched away from you.

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