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I have used the improved traction device we just purchased them for our flight program.

The ITD is a very high quality piece which is a big improvement over other prehospital

Traction devices. One major improvement of the ITD is the fact it's radiolucent and allows for

Use during all imaging studies. The manufacture has also included padding for the ankle and groin straps!

Hope this helps!!


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I was wondering more about the ease of use/training, and if it delivers sufficient traction. There is no force indicator on the ITD like the Sager has. In the past we have considering switching to the Kendrick device, but never made the change because of the lack of force "scale". Seeing the new ITD we have decided to re-evaluate that thinking.



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My service uses the Kendrick. The lack of force gauge doesn't seem to be an issue for us. Taking the slack out of the strap slowly and matching the force the second person is holding on the ankle is all that is required so communication is important.

I have to look into the ITD unit.

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The company I work for just replaced all of our traction splints with the ITD. They are a couple hundred dollars compared to the 8 or 9 hundred (or more). They are super easy to use and training takes oh....about as long as it took me to type this. And they take up much less room.

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