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Would you give your social security number to an EMT?


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In my vollie service we don't bill so are not required to get SSN's on our patients so I never ask. At my paid job however we try get them and log them into the computer if the patient wants to give it. (It's not required there either)

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Yeah usually the default ss# that is captured is 999-99-9999 or something like that.

Seriously, you don't need a social security number to identify someone if you have your system designed right.

I just give the office or doctors office or the ER my insurance card. I can't remember the last time I was asked when I went to the ED.

Plus, it's not really anyone's business what my number is. If they are using an antiquated system that looks me up by social I say I don't give it out.

Had a credit collection agency call me. They were trying to get money out of a turnip at the time. They asked for my social and I said I don't give that out.

They demanded the social. I said, tough crap. She called me immature and trying to keep from paying the bill and I said "That's exactly what I'm trying to do"

She hung up on me.

I have lifelock and have been notified twice in the past that someone was using my number. It was stopped every time. Even if the person got past Lifelock my credit report would have scared them off since I have a credit score of 400 or so. I follow the Dave Ramsey Plan and the only thing I have on credit right now is my house and I got the house before I got on Dave's plan. Dave says in his show that he strives to keep a 0 credit score and pay for all things in cash. We do the same thing.

You would not believe the inaccuracies of your credit report if you went to look. I had multiple inaccuracies and got them cleaned up. It took a while but now it's all cash only. The next car I get will be paid for in cash.

So anyone who asks for my social will get the "I don't use it" and if they don't like it, tough.

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I have all sorts of people refuse to cough it up.. Because they think they won't get a bill. I'll hand deliver the damn bill, it's not like we won't know where to find them.

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